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No Spend School Year

No Spend School Year: As I move forward into this new school year, I am making an effort to limit shopping to only a few necessary areas of life. 
So here we go: -Groceries: the grocery store will be one of the places I can go and shop. Buying food from the store, fruit from the market, that stuff is obvious.  
-Maintenance and Upkeep: The next thing that I think is important to have an as an allowable purchase are things that I need for the maintenance and upkeep of my home and vehicles. This allowance is an important part of protecting my investment. I know that I'm going to be needing some pieces of new siding for the house that need to be replaced, I will buy the boards. I will need to prime and paint them, I will buy the paint etc. Those are just some examples.  
I love doing projects at the house and making my space more beautiful, but I will need to do as much as possible free of charge. For this reason, I am creating a free projects list for my home. As I look around the house,…

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