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Cracker Barrel.

Italian Night

Whole Foods- lunch

First Watch breakfast

James Joyce Irish Pub and Eatery

Saturday Morning Scramble

Veggie cheese

Mermaid Tavern- Part 2

The Mermaid Tavern



Christmas Eve Lunch

Tiny Garlics

Egg-less Nog

Meatless Meatballs

Amy's Pad Thai

Veggie Burger at the Diner

Campfire Coffee

Vegetarian Camping

Day 4: This little piggy...

Spectrum 46- dinner

Spectrum Day 45- Dinner

Spectrum day 45- Surprise!

Spectrum Day 45- breakfast

Spectrum Day 44- dinner

Spectrum Day 44- lunch

Spectrum Day 44- breakfast

Spectrum Day 43- dinner

Spectrum Day 43- lunch

Spectrum Day 43- breakfast

Spectrum Day 42- dinner

Spectrum Day 42- lunch

Spectrum Day 42 - Breakfast

New spectrum- day 3- snack

New spectrum- day 3- breakfast

New Spectrum- Day 2- Dinner

New Spectrum- day 2- lunch

New Spectrum- Day 2

New Spectrum- Day 1


A long, blogless sabbatical