New Scale-Victory Achieved!!

Finally! Another goal achieved! I am finally out of the 270's! Have I been at this weight in the past? Yes. Will I ever see this weight again? I declare a resounding NO! I am on my way to scale and non-scale victories! I am going to succeed in losing the weight I need to lose for the LAST TIME! No more yo-yo for me. Now, I'm just going to be YO, which kinda fits my style anyway!

So, what have I been doing? I have been working on my mindset. When I re-joined WW (Weight Watchers) in November, unbeknownst to me the new programs were coming out the next day. When I selected my plan, I started on the Blue plan. The next day when the new plans were revealed, I decided to stick with the plan I was on to see if it would work for me. Going through the holidays was a tough time to start, but no time like the present, right? I felt like, even though there were going to be a few crazy days during the season, I could focus on the habit of tracking and acquainting myself with the points, etc... Speaking of points, on the Blue plan, I was going over every single day. Every day. Significantly. This was even after the holidays when there was no excuse. I was starting to feel defeated. Thoughts of 'I can't do this' and all their little friends were invading my mind. I was sitting at house with some friends who also do WW. We were talking about it and I pulled up the Purple WW free food list. There is a list of over 300 foods. While there are more free foods on the Purple, switching would cause me to lose 10 points per day. Oh no! Now what?

I decided to take a swing for the fences, and swing I did! From the day I switched, I have been in the healthy eating zone, usually end the day with carry-over points, activity points and have begun to small victories on the scale! This has has been a complete paradigm shift from my previous weeks. My mindset has shifted. My motivation has accelerated, and I am truly picking up "healthy lifestyle" speed. It is amazing that when you feel successful, you become successful. It's the Law of Attraction in action! I am on a forward path to success, healing, and renewed vigor! Excitedly, I tell you that yesterday I received an email saying  I have been selected to be an affiliate member with WW! I am already marking my journey public: I have been doing that free for years. Now, I will also be able to offer deals and savings through WW and receive a small commission when someone joins through my link on my website! I will be updating my links to have the most recent deals and let you know the time frame they are available. I am so happy to have this opportunity! I will have my links updated on my "WW" page on my website. I am so pumped! What a great motivator for me!


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