Soican 2013- baseline

Coffee with xylitol and evaporated milk
2 scrambled eggs with sriracha sauce.

Weigh in: 287

So, here we are again. 2013 is literally around the corner, and I am preparing for the new year. I have been working on my motivation and purpose for the new year of a healthy focus. This is an all-round healthy focus- not just eating and exercise. This is going to be an holistic change. Simplifying, de-cluttering the house, organizing and just giving myself a sense of serenity and calm. Just focusing on food is not enough. It is part of the bigger picture. Stressful living lends itself to eating on the run or settling for quick, processed meals. I hope for this year to be a year of change. It will include more veggies and grains. It will include humanely produced dairy and egg products. It will also include a little humanely-raised, cage-free, free-range, grass-fed meat products- locally-raised and processed, if I can find it. I'm going to make it a better, healthier and stress-free year for myself. It's a must!


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