Day 70- still going strong

I know I have neglected posting for the past few weeks, but the good news is I have been continuing to eat vegetarian this whole time. I have even started looking at some vegan options once in a while. The pizza I am eating tonight is not vegan. That is real mozzarella cheese. I just bought a packet of Daiya cheese and I am excited to try it. I have taken a ton of pictures of my food every day, but I have not posted. I am so sorry. I will do one post with a ton of pictures and hopefully that will make up for it. Thanks for following me. It really makes a difference to know that there are people out there who are following my journey and are excited about the changes I'm making. I'm starting to feel like exercising and getting out there again on my bike and walking. I think that the spring always makes me feel a little bit cheerier and wanting to be outside. I will post my update soon, because I am ready to start losing weight not just eating differently. The eating differently is going to continue with my vegetarian lifestyle. Whether I go vegan or not is another thing. But I am going for it. I am also going to start doing some weightlifting again and working out. I also like working in the yard so that is also a good workout by itself. I will keep you posted.


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