Today, I used my spiral cutter to cut zucchini into julienne strips. It worked so well. I also used my ninja food processor to make a raw tomato sauce using grape tomatoes, minced garlic, and olives. So, this meal is going to be a totally raw, totally natural dinner. I am so excited to start adding raw food into my dinner time meal. I have been eating raw breakfast now for about two months and I am totally loving it. On the weekends, I do go out and have breakfast at a restaurant occasionally, but during the week it's raw smoothies with fresh fruits, nut milks and seeds. Dinner is going to start changing and looking very similar. My favorite meal to cook and have a warm meal is lunch. For now, I will keep having my cooked lunch made from beans and some type of grain and avocados or whenever I'm in the mood for. But breakfast and lunch, they are going to start looking different. I'm so excited to start making these changes! Little by little, bit by bit. I'm moving towards a more healthy, whole eating style.


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