My Favorite Meal: Breakfast

Anyone who knows me, knows I love breakfast! It is my favorite meal of the day. Matter of fact, for me, it could be every stinking meal and I would be A-ok with it. I have been that way since I was little. So the way I think about it, if I am planning to lose weight, I have to do it with breakfast. My goal is to find ways to make breakfast tasty and make sure to include healthy fats and eliminate the unnecessary ones. I took a picture today of my breakfast, seasonings and drink.
Keep in mind, I am on Spring Break this week, so my breakfasts are looking very weekendish. Typical weekday breakfasts are my special smoothie and that’s it. Blend the stuff up fresh and boom, I’m done.
But, back to breakfast. Let me give you the skinny about how I prepared this meal. A serving of grits is 3/4 water and 3 Tbs grits. After they cooked up, I added a little pinch of salt, Molly McButter Sprinkles (these are found in the seasonings section of most grocery stores. They also have a butter/cheese one that is great sprinkled on popcorn or grits!), and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray (sometimes BOGO at Publix). I could have used my vegan butter, but I knew that I wanted to have half a Haas avocado, so I found super tasty ways to include flavor without those extra calories. The eggs were fried in Crisco butter spray as were the Morningstar Bacon strips (available at Publix, but are cheapest at Trader Joes and Walmart). For my drink this morning, I made a small pot 16oz. of Matcha tea with Xylitol and Clalifa Farms Almond creamer- unsweetened.
I’m not counting calories, but I’m making small adjustments to honor my menu and my body. 

Weigh in: 278


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