Feel the Earth

 Just a few moments ago, I was sitting in a plaza after working on some different projects. Some of the projects were stressful and caused me to use a lot of my brain power.  For some reason, I had a strong urge just to remove my XeroShoes and feel the earth with my feet. It was probably one of the most liberating feelings I have had in such a long time. Being able to remove even these minimalist shoes, allowed me to feel the warmth of the concrete and the dampness  left by the recent rainfall. Something about standing on that pavement, with nothing between me and the ground, made me feel more relaxed and grounded.  Since wearing these shoes, I have had a strong desire to be barefoot. Not just with that thin sole, but with full contact with Mother Earth.  As I move along through my journey, I know I will find myself with shoes less and less. As my feet begin to strengthen and the muscles begin to work properly, it is going to be very hard to keep shoes on these feet. 


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