Spectrum Day 43- breakfast

Breakfast on Sundays usually involve some type of smoothie. Sometimes I blended up myself using fresh fruits and frozen fruits, but today was a lazy morning. I got up early to go to church, and had some Bolthouse Farms smoothies right there in the fridge. So, I filled up my Starbucks cold cup and headed on my way. Of course, you know I have also had a Starbucks hot cup filled with some Java.

Last night after eating that chicken at the barbecue, I ended up tasting that all night long. That just solidified for me that I don't want to eat that way anymore! I'm hoping that I can make this change quick. It is kind of tempting to smell that barbecued chicken. I'm so glad that I had that response.

Weigh in: 266 - thanks barbecue chicken sandwich...grrr.


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