Day 111- Vegan Options

I have been checking out some of the new products at the Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center. They have a digital  vegan product list where you can see all of the new products being introduced at the expo. There are so many new vegan, plant-based products on the market, it makes it exciting to try new things. I am excited to try the Benevolent Bacon made by Sweet Earth Foods. This is made with seitan, is vegan, and entirely plant-based. That should be worth a try with my breakfast. I think there is a vegan-toona sandwich in my lunch-future today!

While I am not going completely vegan, I am looking for ways to incorporate plant-based products and natural foods into my diet. Little by little, I would like to eliminate most animal byproducts. Market fresh and farm fresh vegetables are in great supply in the farmers market near my house, so that should make it much easier for me to buy daily fresh vegetables for my meals. The prices are way less then going to Publix or whole foods. While these are probably not organic, they are locally sourced and allows me to purchase products from my community and support the local growers.

Let's talk about eggs... I love eggs for breakfast. This may be my vegan holdout.... As far as sourcing true free-range eggs, near the school where I work, there are several people who sell eggs from their chickens that run in the yard. These chickens are truly free range and are just dropping eggs all over the place. I don't mind eating these eggs, because I can see the chickens living a stress free life just running around in the sun and pecking the ground under the trees- not living in a box. I plan to make a point of purchasing these eggs faithfully rather than purchasing them from any grocery store. I don't trust the cage-free statements made on the eggs. We all know what that means. If you don't know, look it up if you dare.

So all-in-all, some exciting new products and possibilities. Vegetarian with a hint of vegan... I guess that's what you could call me.


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