Day 255- FullyRaw challenge day 15

Doing this fully raw challenge is tough. It sounds so easy to say: just one raw meal a day... It's harder than I originally thought it would be. First, I always like something cooked, so fully raw all day won't work well for me. Secondly, I have been on the go, so aside from a salad (which I have done on some of the days) it's difficult and expensive to eat fully raw at a restaurant. Of the last 15 days of the challenge, only three days have passed where I have not eaten at least one fully raw meal. What this challenge has done for me is to focus my intentions regarding eating a plant-based vegan diet. I have had some run-ins with some eggs and cheese, but it has significantly decreased over the past two weeks. Lo am looking forward to the next week as the challenge continues. I'll keep you posted.


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