Day 259/FullyRaw- Day 20/WW- Day 1

So, the title of my blog may look really ADD, but I am in the process of finishing the FullyRaw 21 day challenge and have decided to join Weight Watchers again since our insurance company pays for it for members who participate in their vitality program. Weight watchers is a great program that I have used before, but I had to quit because of the monthly cost. I think this will be a great time of refreshing my goals and tracking with focus. Since I love my iPhone and technology, I love the apps and I love the activity tracker. Actually, Weight Watchers works very well with the FullyRaw, vegetarian and vegan diets. I am thankful for the FullyRaw challenge, because I feel like that kickstarted my motivation to get moving and change things up with my diet and exercise. I am so glad to be back on the program!

The exciting thing is the WW site kept all my previous data. That way, it keeps track of my journey since the beginning. Love it. Well, I am documenting my journey for me and for you guys who like to read the thoughts and trials of a "real person" trying to make changes.

Thanks for reading!


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