Summer of Renewal: Day 2- Tees, Tanks and Tops

Here we are at Day 2 and I am working on a huuuuugggge declutter project. Today I tackled my Tees, tanks and tops. I collected them from every area of the house. All the laundry was done so I was able to sort and fold every item. I brought blouses and shirts from the closet and all the drawers and from the clean laundry basket. I sorted everything by type and I laid it out on the bed for all to see.

It was amazing to see how many shirts of different types that I own. I'm not really that surprised though, because being a chubby girl I have multiple sizes in my closet. I have the size I'm wearing the size I was in the size I wish I was again. I counted up the total of each type of item and I have it here listed below.

Blouses and tops- 140
Tank tops- 38
T-shirts- 61 
Total:   239
When I did realize after laying it all out and counting, 24 of the 61 T-shirts or shirts that I've purchased from my school for various school events. At roughly $10-$12 per shirt, I'm looking at around $240-$250 worth of t-shirts in that little pile. It's funny that when you lay everything out like that, I not only see what I have, but I see how much money I have invested in these things over the years. It's definitely much easier to quantify.

After laying out all the clothes, I put on a good pair shorts and a good bra and tried on every one of the shirts on the bed. After going through each and every one, I created a stack that is going to the Goodwill. I counted the items and the total going to be donated is 110! I was able to cut my tees, tanks, and tops by almost half. Certainly, I still have too many, but for this first go around I feel pretty good about it. Here's a picture of the stack that is headed out the door. The hangers represent how many hanging clothes were eliminated from my wardrobe.

I rolled up my tank tops and feel the drawer with both of those as well as camisole type shirts and shells to wear underneath other clothing items like jackets, shirts, or sweaters.

I have a whole drawer for my tops and blouses.

Then of course, I have the T-shirt drawer with all of those cool T-shirts along with some other graphic tees that I kept. 

I was able to eliminate a whole drawer of clothes from my wardrobe as well as some hanging clothes.

I told myself that I wouldn't do it, but I did. I kept a tiny little stack of blouses and shirts that will fit me if I lose like five or 10 pounds. They are almost perfect, but not exactly. But I'm hoping that with this switch to and almost vegan diet and exercise, that it will show in my clothes. 

All in all, I think I did pretty good today. Well I will probably have to go back and edit this would drop again, I feel like this is a really good start. 

I was able to go shopping in my closet, and instead of buying new things, eliminating them actually created for me a new wardrobe. I am so excited about what I found, and the combinations that I have available to me. 

I am looking forward to the next phase of my decluttering. And that will be shoes. God help me. Lol. 

Love, health, peace. Let them be yours.


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