Soican day 1- breakfast

I am starting off my morning with a K-cup of Starbucks coffee with 2 tsp sugar in the raw and half & half. I have decided upon giving myself a cup of coffee I enjoy first thing in the morning. Any other coffee I have during the day will be black with no sugar. I still like black coffe, but there is something about the morning... Today is the students' first day of school. We all have to be early to get everybody to the right classroom and make dismissal arrangements. For my 22 mile drive, I will be making myself a blended protien smoothie with fruit, plain yogurt and almond milk. Starting this first day of going all back to my vegetarian diet will be an important one. For the record, on August 10th, I decided to change my spectrum count to Soican. This is my own version of what works for me. Derived from the spectrum diet by Dean Ornish, I have taken his principles for eating and combined them with my mental approach: Soican. For the sake of my daily count, I am going to start over with Soican day 1. My theory is this: I usually want to lose weight:
so I don't get sick...
so I don't acquire some weight related problem
so I don't feel uncomfortable
so I don't _______ (insert whatever).

To stray from the negative, I am going to focus on the positive. I am no longer going to focus on the "so I don't" and make changes and get healthy "so I can." So my countdown and website with be called: Soican.

Thank you to all my readers who have followed me over the past year. I hope that you continue to check in on my progress and keep me accountable.

So, there you have it: the real first entry of Soican day 1. Here we go....

Weigh in: 293


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