Spectrum day 513- SOICAN day 1

So I have been gaining weight, slowly but surely for about the last year. Creeping up on me, I have gained about 38 pounds of what I lost. This is frustrating, but I goes to show that no way of eating or diet plan is perfect and neither are the people who are doing them. I started gaining weight before I started eating meat again, but the addition of adding in salt, sugar, ice cream etc has just turned my way of eating upside down and my weight to inch it's way back up. I devised an exercise plan to ease myself back into my movement and am going to start going back to the beginning. I am going to have to make changes again so I can see movement in the right direction. I had an epiphany. I am constantly thinking that I need to get healthy or lose weight so I don't get sick, or so I don't get diabetes, or I don't ________ (fill in the blank). I decided that I am not going to keep residing in the "so I don't's" and focus on the "so I can's". I want to lose weigh SOICAN get healthy, feel confident, look better, etc. So my new way of thinking, my mantra, will always be:

I will______....SOICAN....______.

I'm changing my ways, starting today, SOICAN lose the weight I need to lose and get healthier, day by day.

Starting today, I am changing my blog count to day one all over again. Today is SOICAN day 1.


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