Summer Day 15

After using up almost all meat in the house, finally on day 15, I have had a fully vegetarian day! The only meat left in the house is a package of pre-cooked bacon that I will definitely use up. Once that is done, I will be completely meat-free again! This evening, I made a wonderful Kale and Bean stew. Kale was 2-for-5.00 at Publix and it looked great. I sautéed some garlic and onions in olive oil, added about six generous handfuls of fresh kale and cooked until wilted. I added in a can of black eyed peas, some tomato sauce, a can of diced tomatoes, a a splash of red wine vinegar. additional random seasonings and a couple of pours of red wine. I let that simmer in the stove. I added in a cup of Israeli pearl couscous. After about 20-25 minutes, dinner was served. It was so tasty! There's nothing like getting back into the vegetarian swing of things. I hope to create a better and more healthier version of myself this summer. That way, when I go back to school with the kids, I will feel fresh and invigorated. Here's to a great, rest of the summer!

Weigh in: 291
Mini-goal: get under 290 - I can do that!


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