Summer Day 3

I started this new summer push to lose some weight and make some diet changes, again. I have been pretty lazy and lethargic about getting back to my vegetarian ways. I am feeling a renewal of sorts as we ease into summer. After a whirlwind of finishing college, starting teaching at my new school, the learning curve, the lack of time (or making time), I have put my eating and exercise on the back burner. Well, I am now going to drag that pot up to the front of the stove and renew my focus on my health. So, here's my plan: 

1. Since I do have a little meat in my fridge and freezer, I am going to cook that up in the most healthful way possible, keeping calories and fat in mind. That way, I don't waste money on things I have purchased. Really, we're just talking a bag of frozen chicken and a pack of Italian sausages. So, in the scheme of things, not so bad. 
2. I am going to hit the pantry and start making dinners and lunches with all the little goodies I have in there. All that stuff is full of healthy, vegetarian goodness. So, no trouble there. 
3. I am posting and tracking all of my eating, water and exercise on the myfitness app on my iPhone. It tracks calories and all nutritional intake as well. I love it. 
4. I am going to be bringing back the daily walking and the strength training. 

So, there you have it. A renewed focus, a good plan and a willing mind. I know that I can make these changes. I started on June 13th at 296. Boy, have I backslidden from my previous accomplishments. Yesterday was my birthday, but thankfully that didn't get me messed up. I am now 293. I have lost 3 and I feel a resurgence of the desire to goal-set and goal-meet! My next goal will be to get to 290. I hope to see that ASAP. I am willing to make the changes necessary to see the changes in me. I plan on doing at least one post a day, providing updates, ideas and revelations. Sorry I have been off the vegetarian charts for so long, but I'm back. I will also post when I am meat free again. I am looking forward to clean eating, clean air and a clean mind. I downloaded a ton of free Kindle books about eating habits, diet and exercise. I have to keep my mind active and focused to keep the motivation running free! I hope to hear from you and welcome your comments, affirmations and ideas. 

Stay with me as I work to prepare my body and mind for the next school year. I want to have my diet regulated and simplified so that it will be easy to integrate my healthful eating habits into the fast-paced school year. 

Weigh in: 293
Weight Loss: 3lbs


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