A long, blogless sabbatical

It seems like forever since I last wrote. Well, its almost been forever. Its almost been one whole year. In my last post, I had made it clear I was planning to go as meatless as possible. I was planning to go on a plant-based diet. If I was going to eat eggs or milk, I would acquire these items from local farmers. Over the last year, I was not successful at any of that. I was however successful at losing quite a bit of weight. Since my last post, I have lost 47 pounds, going from 299 pounds down to 252 pounds. To lose this weight, I have been doing a combination of things. First, I monitored my food and beverage intake. I started out the school year doing weight watchers. That's that started around August 15, 2013. By October, it seemed to be too much money for me to spend monthly on the subscription and the activity monitoring. I was kind of sad about that because I enjoy logging information every day and having the accountability that comes with the online subscription. Basically, I just needed to be accountable to myself.

Could I have continued that by using my own website?

Did I do that?

I hate to say that I'm going to do something and then not do it. Anyway, between monitoring what I ate, adding in some Paleo principles, keeping "The Spectrum" in mind and doing some CrossFit style workouts, I have started to see some good results.

I think in order for me to see future results, I am going to have to start being accountable again. I am going to force myself to log daily. I am even going to do my best to try to log every time I sit down for a meal or put something in my mouth. I also want to share other things with you like my photos, my art, drawings, carvings, and videos.

Thanks for reading and for understanding how hard it is to be consistent.
Keep your eye out for me! I'm back.


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