Summer of Renewal: Curveballs and Distractions

You know, the past few days have not been easy with this decluttering. 

Ants paraded my kitchen.  I had to stop and deal with that for a couple of days. I think they are gone now. 

Next, it's termite swarm season and with a 1926 bungalow, I had them all over. Yesterday, my friend and I treated the places where I could see activity and all the beams and roof in the attic. No swarm last night. 

Today, while the washer was draining, I had a back-up in the tub. I won't give you any details, but suffice it to say that it was not pretty. Waiting on my favorite plumber as we speak. Then walking through the house, I bent my knee backwards just enough for it to hurt and need ice. 

All the while, I am not letting this get me discouraged and I am pushing forward and continuing the task! A fresh batch of stuff for the donation center and several bags full of trash headed to the curb for Thursday's pickup. A little leftover Vegetables and Garlic sauce over vegan fried rice and another cup of freshly brewed green tea, and I am now back to the task of decluttering. 

This stuff is hard. Life throws curveballs, but I choose to keep moving forward towards the goals: a simpler life, healthier eating, and creating space for more the experiences life has to offer. 


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