Summer of Renewal- Day 6: Unplanned Kitchen Declutter

I was not planning on decluttering the kitchen today, but the ants parading around my kitchen made me reconsider that decision. After a recent rain, these little guys felt like coming in my house and hanging around the kitchen sink would  be cool. Well, not to me.

After a nice banana protein shake, and a facebook live session, I got to work. I cleared one section of the counter and cleaned all of the grout and re-caulked where those little ants were making their trail. Before I caulked, I sprayed some DIY orange peel and peppermint oil spray into the places the ants were coming through to deter them from coming back. Then the decluttering began!

 I started with my measuring cups and spoons. Typically, the spoons live in drawer and the cups live in that flour container in the back of the picture there. I laid everything out and started the process of eliminating.
I was able to pare the amount down a bit. Typically, the measuring cups spend their lives in dry goods containers with the beans, grits, rice, or whatever grain I have stored. That makes for easy cooking because the measuring cup for the amount I typically need for a serving is right there in the jar with the food. I have been using up or getting rid of some of my dry stuff, so I had some extra measuring cups laying around. I usually keep on full set available for cooking.

As far as the spoons go, I put a set of measuring spoons in my camping kitchen box. I got rid of the miscellaneous protein powder scoops and few other strange things and ended up with what you see.

Ah, coffee mugs. These are so easy to come by, but so difficulty to let go. For this category, I actually had to pare down three different times in the same session because I wasn't letting enough go.
Now, I have whittled my way down to these cups. Moving on to the travel mugs...
So, I like travel mugs... Travel mugs before...

Travel mugs after.

Glasses were the last category for the day. In total, I had 66 glasses of various types in my cabinets.
Here is what I ended up with as far as drinking glasses go.

After working on these items types, it seems clear to me that I will need to do another session of decluttering in the kitchen. For today, I did as much as I could manage. It's amazing how I can assign a value, whether sentimental or practicality-wise to these inanimate objects. Making decisions and eliminating seemed harder today. Most of my coffee mugs and travel mugs are gifts from someone special or souvenirs from trips I enjoyed. That added an emotional element to this decluttering task today. While I don't think I got rid of enough, I kept my eyes on the prize and pushed through until the areas I was focusing on were complete. I know that I will probably have to make another sweep through the kitchen later, but today was a good first step toward freeing myself of the burden of stuff. There is plenty more to do, and I am up to the task.

Joy, health, peace. Let them be yours.


  1. Awesome job! And I'm glad you saved the old school "70's" brown mug in front! (I was going to offer to take it off your hands if you were not keeping it!)

    1. No lidding! I love that thing. That's normal what I eat my grits and oatmeal out of. I ditched a lot of mugs, but I know what's good. Lol


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