Day 183- Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich

So for Memorial Day, my friends and I decided to try to make pulled jackfruit with barbecue sauce. We wanted to make pulled jackfruit sandwiches similar to how you would make pulled pork or pulled chicken. We went to the local Asian market and purchased a a few cans of jackfruit in water. After draining the jackfruit we then sautéed it in olive oil and with onions. After the onions began to caramelize, we had at the barbecue sauce and some water and let it simmer. I guess the good way to do it would be to make your own barbecue sauce and seasonings, but we were not in the mood for all of that today. We just wanted to have pulled pork and we wanted it now! So, these three pictures demonstrate the first few steps of how to begin the process of making pulled jackfruit sandwiches. The next post will show what happened after we simmered the jackfruit in the barbecue sauce for about an hour. Looking back now, it probably didn't need to simmer quite so long, but there were so many opposing views on different websites with the recipes that we just went with the one that seemed to make the most sense. Next time, I know what to do. It definitely doesn't need to simmer quite so long. There are even some websites that say you can put it in the crockpot with barbecue sauce and leave it for four or five hours. That actually seems the best and less work. The final product will be in the next post.


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