Day 204- Year of Peace

Yesterday, I decided to take a walk at the park near my house. In order to walk, I needed to put on shoes and socks. I tried to find a matching pair and soon realized that I have too many socks. Going walking turned from a great idea to a task of sorting socks. Not only did I realize that I have too many socks, I have too much of everything. Having stuff is good, but having too much stuff is bad. Too many things require work to maintain and organize them.

Today is my birthday. So, I have decided to take this year and clean out the proverbial sock drawer that is my house. Every day, no matter how small or big the task I take on, I will do something to bring more order and peace to my dwelling space. It's time to release the junk that is holding me back both physically (in my house) and emotionally (in my head)! I am going to take one section or drawer and purge. Stuff only has the significance I give it. If I want my house to be peaceful, I need to take time to do the work up front so that when I'm finished my house will be a place of rest. Everything I do will increase the level of peace in my home. Every time I think of my sock drawer, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Small, yet still a tiny step in the right direction. That reminds me of the phrase: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

So, going forward, if it doesn't serve me or make me happy, it's gone! Why make it more difficult to clean by having more stuff? I only have two feet, yet I have a million socks. So today, my sock drawer is a little lighter and my house is one section closer to peace. This year, I am giving myself the gift of peace for my birthday. Happy birthday to me!


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