Day 218- Acropolis Greek Tavern

The first time I ever tried a Falafel wrap was at our Relay for Life night put on by our area of the school district. They had all kinds of food there- mostly fried or grilled meat of some sort. That was not going to work well for me. My friend, a fellow vegetarian, and aspiring vegan, offered to pick up dinner and bring it in for us. Among the different foods she brought was a falafel wrap. I was so amazed by the texture and the flavor. I fell immediately in love with falafels.

Fast forward a month: Having been to Acropolis many times, it surprised me that until today, I had never tried, or noticed, this falafel wrap on the menu. This was such a wonderful find! So good. So perfect! I had half of this amazing Falafel wrap with Greek fries (thick fries with feta on top) for lunch and had the other half for dinner. The leftovers were equally as good! It also came with some thinly slice pickle spears which were amazing, as well. Overall, a great vegetarian option. A new, wonderful option for my Vegetarian Reincarnation!

Acropolis Greek Taverna- Lightly Fried Spiced Chickpeas, Served with Mediterranean Pickles, Lettuce drizzled with Tahini Sauce and Mediterranean Salsa Wrapped in a Tortilla - only $7-


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