Is fish a meat?

I went to dinner with a friend to go see Billy Elliot at the performing arts center. We got a late start and decided to grab dinner somewhere downtown. The only decent place open for dinner was a place called Gilligans. It is a sports bar and grill. Of course there are tons of sandwiches and appetizers. I was sort of looking for something warm to eat, so a salad was out of the question. There was no veggie plate or wrap. The place was crowded full of fans who were eating and drinking before the hockey game that was playing downtown. I wasn't about to try to get something special, so I opted for the next best thing. Fish. I am sitting at the table waiting to get dinner and feeling like I am a little weak for not getting the salad, but I am proud of myself for not getting a Reuben. I think I will be okay. Fish isn't really a meat is it?


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