Spectrum day 194- morning Joe

Coffee, black with no sweeteners.

After weighing myself the past few days, I have decided that I have veered to far from where I started out 194 days ago. I have always given myself treats along the way, but I have been way too generous with myself the past few months. Instead of staying on the very healthy side of the spectrum, I have moved more towards the middle & right- the not as healthy side of the chart. So, starting today, I am shifting all the way back to the left if the chart, which means low sodium, low fat and low calorie all the way. The thing I like about the spectrum diet is that there is no wrong or right. It's all about choices. So today, I start a new set of choices in motion. I haven't been past the 255 barrier for more than a second in my dieting life. It's time to push past this obstacle and move into my future of lower, more healthy weight. As I like to say: It's on, like Donkey Kong!!

Weigh in: 265.8


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