Spectrum day 129- Breakfast

I have been staying in a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee for the past few days. It was a spontaneous trip that came at just the right time since Spectrum day 124, I have been eating on the road. I didn't really mention it right off because I wanted to see if you would notice a difference in my meals. I was able to stay true to my vegetarian ways throughout the whole trip, whether I was eating out or staying in. I brought a lot of non-perishable items like oatmeal packets, shelf-life organic milk and Via's. For our last morning here, I had most of two huge chocolate chip pancakes and two fried eggs over medium. I feel pretty full since the pancakes were about the size of the plate. It will be good to hold me for a while for a long trip on the road.

Beverage: coffee & a mason jar of cold milk


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