Spectrum day 108- breakfast

An omelet made in a six inch pan, with sautéed peppers from the garden, soydizo, mozzarella and asiago cheese. After it was set, I transferred it into my 6 inch cast iron pan and put it under the broiler until it fluffed and browned. I ate half of the omelet, two morning star farms sausages, and three corn tortillas topped with Kimchi, Hell-on-the-Red salsa, and jalapeño sauce. It was awesome!

Beverage: brewed coffee with xylitol and evaporated milk.

Weigh in: 265

This morning I slept late! What a great feeling! Today, I will spending the day working in the garage and the yard. I will get some good MNM's in today. With a hearty breakfast in me, I will be ready to work!

Happy 4th of July!!


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