Spectrum day 109- breakfast

One packet of maple & spice oatmeal made with 1 cup milk and 1/2 cup water to make hot, on-the-go oatmeal drink for portability. I added a little cinnamon and a tsp of xylitol to help stretch the flavor since there was a about double the required liquid to make one packet.

Beverage: brewed coffee with xylitol and evaporated milk

Weigh in: 266 This was a big weekend of going out, carrying out and eating everywhere but home. I probably had more calories and sodium (and more dessert) than normal. That's okay, it was the weekend & a holiday). It doesn't worry me because that's what happens with normal, skinny people not just the one on a diet. It's just us that usually perseverate on it for days. Not me. It's over. I'm moving onward. On to new goals. I'll be seeing the 250's soon. See you when I get there!


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