Spectrum day 268- Breakfast

Sautéed spinach and jalapeño jack cheese omelet made with 2 egg whites. Grits with the same cheese, and Molly McButter.

Beverage: cran-grape juice

Weigh in: 268 on day 268. Now, this can be the only day that my weight can match the number of the day, otherwise we are in trouble!!

Here's my plan for the next few weeks:
1- make the best choices in every situation
2- don't be afraid to taste any treat
3- stay as true to the healthy side of the spectrum as possible
4- maintain or lose during the holidays - NO GAINING ALLLOWED
5- start putting my plan together for the next year- exercise, food and weight goals.

I'll be posting my 2012 plan soon. Keep an eye out for it.


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