Day 35- Vegan Breakfast

This morning I decided to try yogurt made from Almond milk. It was a strawberry flavor. My first taste made me think, oh this is not yogurt. I decided to put banana and a little granola on top. I was very pleased with this combination and it turned out to be a really great breakfast.

With no dairy at all in the yogurt, I was able to have my first purposeful vegan breakfast. I'm not saying that I'm going to be going vegan, but I am going to make a concerted effort to eliminate most dairy and egg products from my diet. I don't know how realistic it is, because I do love eggs and milk products. But, I think that it is valuable for me to try. The more cheese and dairy I eliminate, I think the better off I will be in the end. There are so many reasons to reduce or completely eliminate these animal products from my diet. But most importantly, my health is important. The animals that produce the milk and eggs are not cared for if they are coming from a large production farm. Even the dairy farms and egg farms that are supposed to be free range are usually just marketed that way for people to believe what they are eating is okay. Most animals are still confined into smaller areas are sick and passed that sickness and stress onto us humans who are eating those foods.

I would like to eat peacefully, mindfully and harmless. I am making steps towards making changes in my life that will not only affect me positively but the world.


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