Day 41- Picnic Lunch

Today, we spent most of the afternoon out side at the park celebrating that second birthday of my adopted nephew. He's not adopted, but they adopted me into the family so therefore he's my nephew. I'm not really adopted either, but it's a figure of speech. We're like family. And sometimes that's the best family you can have. The ones you choose. That being said, I have a great biological family, but I am so blessed to be included in the lives of others. It makes life so rich.

For lunch, I had pasta salad and fruit salad. I decided to throw a couple of Cheetos on the top because well, it's a picnic.

All of my "brothers and sisters" played games outside like foursquare and throwing the football. It was fun to move around and not think about exercise as being exercise. My knee might not be thinking me later, but it was worth it.


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