Day 36- Market Trip

On the way home from work today, I stopped by the produce market down the street from my house. I bought poblano peppers for for a dollar. I also bought a bunch of cilantro for $.50 and decided to make a fresh meal with them at home. The first thing I did was cut one up and add it to my lunch stew that I'm preparing for the next few days. Then I diced them up, put them in a pan and sautéed them with some olive oil and earth balance butter. This made a lovely breakfast scramble for dinner along with some MorningStar bacon and corn tortillas.

I love having the market so close, but I just never take advantage of it like I should. I decided to get a $20 bill and keep it in my car to use it as "market money". It is so inexpensive to have a fresh fruit or vegetable every day, there is no reason not to. I am terrible about letting fruit and vegetables go bad, so it is best that I only buy one or two at a time. By going to the market, I am able to get what's fresh, pick what I'm in the mood for and make a great meal as soon as I get home. Today has been a dollar 50 on two items that are going to make this week's dinners and lunches amazing. I still have two poblano peppers left, and I think that tomorrow they will both be dinner. I can't wait!

What a great life...


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