Day 239- 21 day Fully Raw Vegan Challenge

I have been watching videos made by Kristina at fullyrawkristina on YouTube and have been inspired to try this 21 day raw challenge. This summer she started the summer with a 14 day raw vegan challenge that ran at the beginning of June. Since I missed it, I plan to follow the challenge starting tomorrow. I have a few folks on board with attempting the challenge. It is completely doable. The idea is that you eat at least one totally raw meal a day. I plan on doing as many as I can during the challenge. Who knows? I may actually like it. If you want to try it with me, here is a link to the video that inspired me to try this out: 
Since I have been eating vegetarian for 239 days, I feel like I am ready to take on a new challenge, so here goes nothing! I went to the produce farmers market down the street and picked up some things and went to the local Save-a-lot, who had some great deals on produce (believe it or not). I am starting with day 1 tomorrow and will keep you updated on my progress. If you plan to join me, comment on this blog or on my Facebook page. 

Also, check out if you are interested in finding out more want to try the challenge with me. The YouTube channel has so many inspiring videos and recipes. I suggest you check it out. Just type fullyrawkristina in the YouTube search bar and you will get a ton of video archives. 

Like I said: here goes nothing. But really, I think it's more like this: here goes something. The start of something amazing. 

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