Day 241- 21 Day FullyRaw Challenge- day 2- dinner part 2

Kale salad is on the menu tonight for dinner part two. For the salad, I got out my trusty salad shooter to help me shred the celery and a few apple wedges I had left over from lunch. I halved some grape tomatoes, chopped up some broccoli and tossed some slivered almonds and walnuts. My absolute favorite part of this salad was making the dressing. I puréed a mango along with a thumb of ginger and a couple of garlic cloves. I added some rice vinegar and pepper. The flavor is good, but I would sure like to play with it some more. Not bad for a first try at my very own, zero-fat dressing. The creaminess of the mango and the spice of the ginger make this dressing a decadent addition to the salad.

So far, so raw and so vegan!


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