Day 241- FullyRaw Challenge Day 2- dinner part 1

I call this dinner part-one, because I plan to have a salad as well. I decided to eat the vegan veggie burger earlier in the afternoon rather than waiting 'till later. I have some kale and other veggies that I would like to make into a lovely salad, but I think that would be nicer to have as dinner part two around 6 o'clock.

This veggie burger is from Trader Joe's. It is a Indian style season burger. I had it on toast with a little Veganaise, horseradish style mustard and some Stubbs spicy barbecue sauce. I also had a snack size bag of Lays barbecue potato chips which, in fact, are vegan is well! I plan on using my non-Raw meals to use up some of the stuff that I have in my pantry. Some of it is vegan and some of it is not. That's OK. That is what the next few weeks are about: making better choices, trying new things and enjoying the journey!


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