Spectrum day 290- Breakfast

For this cold morning, I decided on oatmeal, wheat germ with a touch of honey, and a spotty banana.

Beverage: brewed coffee with xylitol and evaporated milk.

Weigh in: 268

All day yesterday, I spent doing my laundry, organizing, purging, looked through old pictures and made some more room for my art supplies in my cabinets. When I shop, I buy things I love, so it becomes very hard to decide what to donate or put in the garage sale pile. Plus, I have what i kept of my dad's things. I ran into some of those, along with some greeting cards he gave me and had some tear-filled memories. I have more to do today, so I better get moving. Oh yeah, last night after dinner I had a serving of Hershey's drops and before bed, a half glass of skim milk. I didn't take a picture of those, but I didn't want to forget about them. Gotta stay true to the blog!


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