Spectrum day 291- Breakfast

Cream of wheat made with half skim and half water to drop the calories, yet keep it creamy. Xylitol to sweeten with a light dusting of cinnamon. Strawberries and dried apricots are this morning's colorful sidekicks.

Beverage: Ovaltine made with half water & half milk (from now on, I will refer to this by saying hmhw. I'll toss it on the sidebar in case you forget.

Weigh in: 267 Another pound down and toon my way back to my lowest weight, and onward. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress. I've been stuck and falling backward since August. No excuses. It's just how life goes sometimes. I got busy, got lazy and lax with my food choices. I ate too many prepackaged and "on the go" food and didn't really have the time to do all I needed to do with classes, student teaching, work and then homework. This semester, I'm going to only have to focus on student teaching and my class work. This should give me ample time to walk and plan my meals more effectively. I hope your day is wonderful and full of healthy eating! Thanks for reading...see you at lunch!


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