Spectrum day 293- DIY Jewelry

I did a little babysitting for my little friend Bella. Auntie Leah had been dying to make some charms, so we worked on them together. I used paper clay, stampers, enamel and acrylic paint, glossy acrylic sealer and jump rings to create these little beauties. Some of the earrings still need to have their final painting and assembly, but here is how they all look so far. I love the way the antiquing came out on the designs. I am looking forward to finishing the charms I kept with beads and make some really cool, unique necklaces (most of these went home with Bella- and she had to have pink beads on her earrings! Who can say no??).


  1. Where do you keep finding all this talent?! You are like a bottomless pit of artistic talent! And not just jewelry, but drawing, painting , wood carving, stain glass, ornaments.... I am jealous and so impressed! Good work!

  2. Thanks Janet! I have so many ideas for cool stuff, I am planning to post more here so check back often. I thank God for giving me the ability to do all this stuff. I know it comes from Him!


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