Spectrum day 101- breakfast

Cream cheese and guava heated slightly and the spread on one slice of toast.

Beverage: mocha via made with one cup skim milk

Weigh in: 265 I just had another momentous occasion! I was cutting out a little cube of cream cheese to eat with my toast, and had an unconscious, conscious thought: Um, that's more than I need. So, I cut way some of it and put it back, making my piece a tad bigger than a die from a board game. I cut a piece of guava to match. While it was heating the microwave for a mere few seconds, it hit me. I'm not sure I have ever really thought that and acted on it. I have thought it and left the same amount and continued to eat it anyway. I have also thought the thought and added more. This is the first time that I ever remember reacted reasonably without trying to make myself believe that the "too much" amount was okay. This is quite an accomplishment and a really huge milestone in my overall change approach to good health. It's not only a change of diet, but a change of mind, emotions and ultimately, a genuine life change.


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