Spectrum day 97- mid-afternoon snack

Homemade chicken soup. Yes. I said chicken. Not faux chicken, but the egg laying thing. I boiled a chicken thigh in water to make a broth for my soup. I simmered it on low for quite some time yesterday. Then last night, I put the water and the chicken thigh in the crockpot with a few packets of no sodium chicken broth and let that cook over night. Today, I got thin spaghetti and broke it into 1 inch pieces and boiled them up. In a separate pan, I sautéed garlic in olive oil. When the noodles were strained and rinsed, I poured in the EVOO garlic mixture and coated all the noodles. I took out the chicken thigh and put it aside for the cats (boy will they feel like kings) and added the noodles. This made a calming pot of chicken broth soup.

Let me make a point here. I am not a vegetarian for ethical reasons, although I do find that I am happy not eating meat. My choice springs from the desire to become more healthy. I feel good about my choices and have a peace about the way I eat. If I save a few animals along the way, great. If not, I'm okay with that, too.


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