Spectrum day 59- breakfast

It was a super rainy night last night. I woke up to cracks of thunder and flashes of light. I love it when it storms at night, but my dog doesn't. I woke up with one huge crack of thunder and one huge Dalmatian sitting next to my head on the pillow! It was a great night for sleeping so I slept in. I made myself some scrambled egg whites with shredded sharp cheddar cheese and sautéed those two little Hungarian peppers that I got from my garden. I made two slices of Morning Star bacon and 3 corn tortillas. I made little tacitos and poured in some Salsa Casera Jalapeño sauce. They were perfect!

Beverage- mocha via made with one cup skim milk

Weigh in- 269 I am happy to see myself staying in the 260's instead of the 270's. I am glad to wait for my body to get comfortable with it's new weight before moving on down. While I am looking forward to losing more and achieving my mini-goals, I am in no hurry to get to a certain weight. I am just enjoying the process.


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