Spectrum day 60- dinner

Corn on the cob grilled to perfection is such a wonderful component to any meal. This dinner was excellent. I had a meatless Italian sausage that I got at a local health food store called Rolling Oats. What a wonderful combination of flavors and great texture. I was surprised that it held up so well on the grill! I cut a bun-size piece of Seeduction bread and cut a depression which I filled with 2 Alice of muenster cheese. I loosely wrapped the bread in foil and placed it over indirect heat on the grill. When I unwrapped the foil, I had a toasty bread filled with melty cheese. I put my grilled "sausage" inside, put some deli style, spicy mustard and a little of Stubbs spicy barbecue sauce. Wow, this dinner was amazing!


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