Spectrum day 72- breakfast

I made oatmeal with skim milk, real brown sugar, topped with chopped pecans and drizzled with maple syrup. I also mixed in ground flax seed meal for extra nutritional value.

Beverage: black brewed coffee with xylitol and a 1/2 cup unfiltered organic apple juice in a beautiful glass filled with shaved ice.

Weigh in: 267 I am so glad I didn't have any weight or water retention ramifications from last night's "eat fest" at sweet tomatoes! Although I felt really full last night, I know that I ate less than I usually used to before. I even skipped the dessert this time. I guess my stomach is not used to eating the quantity that I used to. The majority of what I ate was salad, and two little blueberry muffins. Places like that encourage your eyes to select a lot of things to eat; more than your stomach can handle. Until I can get in better control of my eyes and mind, I won't be visiting there again.


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