Spectrum day 68- breakfast

This morning I got up early enough to make my breakfast at home. I made scrambled egg whites and one kashi waffle with a little drizzle of Alaga syrup (my favorite).

Beverage: maxwell house Suisse mocha made with half water/half skim milk. That made it a little better since I noticed that it had some non-dairy creamer in it already. Reducing the amount of milk helped balance the taste. I'm thinking I may have to go to Starbucks and buy some mocha vias and save these for an emergency in my desk.

Weigh in: 270 I only list the whole number for my weight each day but I record the ounces too. I really only gained 3 ounces from yesterday to today that's why I don't get mental when I see a little increase. Every time I go out to eat, the sodium adds a bit to my total. After today, I will be back to eating homemade, so I should see some results.


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