Spectrum day 46- breakfast

This morning I was feeling a Mexican flair. I made scrambled egg whites with cheese, two Morning Star Vegetarian maple sausage patties, corn tortillas, Hell on the Red salsa, El Yucateco habanero sauce and fresh blueberries picked from the garden!

Beverage: mocha via made with 1% milk.

Weigh in: 275 I am not really surprised at the slight increase in weight. Although I ate well yesterday, I am pretty sure that most of it is water retention from all the Gatorade I drank as well as some other physiological factors that I will leave up to your imagination- let's just say I might be wanting some extra chocolate pretty soon... Yesterday, I worked all day on the yard and garden. We planted about 75 plants! 50 jasmine minima in the curb lawn, some plumbagos, and some assorted plants in the new berm. Today, the plan is to finish leveling the ground for two more garden beds to be constructed and the new seating area, installing the garden gate, moving rocks to create a sort-of french drain at the drip line and hanging the lattice under the house to cover the crawl space. That is the plan for the day. Let's see how it plays out.


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