Spectrum day 47- breakfast

Egg white omelet with fat free cream cheese, topped with blueberries sweetened with xylitol. So good!

Beverage: cafe mocha made with espresso, unsweetened cocoa, xylitol and diluted evaporated milk (I ran out of milk- I need to go to the store...)

Weigh in: 273 Looks like I am back down two pounds again. That's good to see. It's a good thing that I am not mental about the fluctuation in weight. I am more concerned with the bigger picture: making changes in my diet and lifestyle that will last. Lifelong changes will finally bring to fruition the changes in my weight and health that will be lasting. Yesterday, I worked hard in the garden and today will be no exception. I have plans to finish the garden beds, hanging lattice under the house and hanging a garden door. If I can work quickly, I want to create a seating area in the new garden area. We'll see how far I get.


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