Spectrum Day 50- lunch

I was considering ordering a papa johns pizza with veggies on it because I didn't feel like cooking. I fought the urge and made 3 veggie spring rolls in the convection oven. They are a made by a brand named Chung. They are as good, or better, than some I have had in a restaurant! They came with little packages of dipping sauce that were awesome. I made a big salad of maché, strawberries, grape tomatoes, almond slivers, two types of oriental fried noodles and a sprinkling of shredded cheese topped with ranch dressing. It was wonderful! I was glad I didn't order the pizza. After looking at the nutritional information online, two pieces in I would have eat over half of the calories one would need to survive in a day. Whew! Dodged a bullet. 

Beverage: cranberry apple crystal lite. 

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