Spectrum day 52- breakfast

This morning I made asparagus, maché, tomato and cheese egg bake. I sautéed the asparagus until tender, added two handfuls of maché And cooked until they wilted. Then, I organized the tomatoes evenly on top of the veggies and poured in the egg whites. I covered and cooked until the eggs were set on the bottom. I, then, covered it with shredded cheese and put the pan in the broiler until the eggs puffed up and the cheese became melty and toasty. Two Morning Star veggie maple sausage and a fresh, sweet tangelo were the sidekicks to this beautiful breakfast.
Beverage: cafe mocha made with espresso, unsweetened cocoa, skim milk and xylitol.
Weigh in: 270 Finally! Another pound lost! So, a total of 42 pounds and 22 since spectrum day 1. One more pound and I will be out of the 270's. Patience and persistence pays off. I am really experiencing something amazing here. I am learning to eat healthfully and slowly seeing the results of my efforts to change the way I eat and move. This means that it is more than a diet; it is a real life change. That is the only way it will be lasting. There is no end date or weight goal that will bring an end to the way I am eating. There is not a day when I will one day go back to eating stuff I like, because I am incorporating these things now. I am weaving in all the foods I enjoy into my daily diet. Chocolate, deserts, ice cream, french fries, and potato chips all have their place in my way of eating now, so they are not temptations. They are not stumbling blocks along the way; they are friends in the journey.


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