Spectrum day 53- morning coffee

What a beautiful day. It is perfect weather for Mother's Day!! As I sit out in the garden with my morning cup of Joe, the temperature is a lovely 65 degrees. I will be eating later, but I still like to start the day out right!

Beverage: mocha via made with skim milk

Weigh in: 269 Wow! Another goal has been reached!! I have finally made it out of the 270's!!! 23 pounds since Spectrum Day 1 & 43 pounds total! So, a new mini goal must be set. My new mini-goal is to achieve a 45 pound weight loss. Don't worry. I remember all the fluctuating I did when I was in the 270's, so if I end up trying to sneak back in along the way down, it will just be temporary. Hopefully, I have passed my little plateau and will see another time of movement in a positive direction!

Happy Mother's day to all the Mother's reading my post today!


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