Spectrum day 28- breakfast

I decided to have a little bit of a Mexican flair with breakfast, so I cooked up some egg whites, heated three corn tortillas, poured my self some jalepeño and pepper sauce (natural zero f/c & only 15 sodium). I constructed flavor-rich, mini tacos that had a spicy kick.

Beverage- cafe con leche made with espresso, skim milk, and xylitol.

Weigh in- 275 I am so thrilled with my progress! Everyday, I notice changes in the way my clothes fit: a little loose here, a little baggy there... This morning as I was getting dressed, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror (sans clothes) and I saw that I actually look different. It is amazing how these small efforts to eat healthy can make such noticeable changes so quickly. I am looking forward to seeing the transformation take place as I make my way along the path to a healthy weight.


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